Know the NCR Region and Its Value for Homebuyers

Know the ‘NCR Region’ and it value for Homebuyers

The National Capital Region, abbreviated as the NCR, has witnessed expansion to a considerable extent over the years, thus becoming one of the most sought after destinations for investing in infrastructure.

With a plethora of benefits under its belt, this region has been on the top of the Government’s list of agendas, with respect to the development of social and urban infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, it has become a top choice for home buyers to invest in, with affordable options that offer innumerable benefits.

About the NCR

The NCR is backed by the National Capital Region Planning Board Act 1985, according to which, the NCR equals the NCT of Delhi, covering an area of 34,144 km (as per the 1985 act). Post the inclusion of Ghaziabad and Bulandshahr, Gautam Budh Nagar entered the list of NCR cities.

More cities such as Mahendragarh and Bhiwani in Haryana and Bharatpur in Rajasthan have been included in the NCR, with the total area now stretching to 50,000 km. The NCR Region, prior to its formulation, was known as the Delhi Metropolitan Area, a part of the Delhi Master Plan for 1962.

Investment Opportunities

With a total of 24 cities across Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, the NCR region has been a major destination for real estate investments. The settlement of Multinational Companies in this region has boosted the market value of property in Noida ready to move,while also increasing the demand for the housing units.

Cities like Noida and Greater Noida have received the largest investments, owing to their rising popularity, thus attracting more investors.Overall, the NCR region has grown in the domains of healthcare, security, education, and infrastructure, proving to be a financial haven for the investors.

Why NCR:

  1. Futuristic living

One of the main reasons for the NCR region soaring in terms of popularity is its provision of world-class living and a vibrant atmosphere. The properties in this region are not like the usual homes that you find in other cities but are equipped with every thing that foster a healthy environment, thus becoming the most preferred choice for every home buyer.

  1. Opportunities for growth

The increasing urbanization in the NCR region calls for significant developments, which, in turn, has provided a plethora of growth opportunities. The establishments of airports and SEZs have uplifted the value of the properties in the NCR and has paved the way for a better, brighter future of this very region.

  1. Improved connectivity

The extension of the metro services, the development of roadways and expressways has enhanced the connectivity of the region, thereby opening doors to more people opting for a property in Greater Noida ready to move. This has given a major boost to the infrastructure in the region and has been profitable for all investors.


The above three factors have largely contributed to the popularity of the NCR region, causing growth on all fronts. If you are also looking forward to enhancing your lifestyle, then the NCR region is the best option for you.